The Witcher 3 sales were up 554% thanks to the Netflix show The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is doing rather well for itself thanks to Netflix’s recently-released The Witcher series. As spotted by PC Games Insider, The NPD Group claims that, compared to December 2018, December 2019 saw a massive […]

Stadia says Baldur’s Gate 3 will be out this year At first glance, the latest Stadia Community Blog update isn’t the most exciting bit of news you’re likely to see this week. It lists five more games coming to the service at some point during the spring and summer, none […]

Stardew Valley creator would like everyone to please calm down Earlier this week, Stardew Valley creator Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone said on Twitter that he’s working on two new projects, a non-farming game set in the Stardew Valley game world, and another that’s even less well-defined at this point. The comments […]

Classic indie RPG Geneforge is being remastered Spiderweb Software has returned to Kickstarter to fund its next RPG. The indie joint, founded by Jeff Vogel in 1994, has been consistently putting out complex, liberating RPGs that, you’ll quickly notice, aren’t exactly easy on the eyes. They’re great, though, and the […]

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