LUNA The Shadow Dust review Need to know What is it? A puzzle adventure about a boy exploring a dark tower with his cat companionExpect to pay $23/£17Developer Lantern StudioPublisher Coconut Island GamesMultiplayer? NoLink Official site Hand-drawn animation has been making a resurgence in games recently and it’s a more […]

The best Minecraft mods More blissfully blocky Minecraft guides (Image credit: Mojang) Minecraft seeds: visit amazing worldsMinecraft shaders: give the game a new lookMinecraft servers: join new worldsMinecraft update: recent patch notesMinecraft bees: find, befriend, breedMinecraft honey: try that tasty nectarMinecraft fox: how to tame and find themMinecraft diamond: how […]

You need to play the Blade Runner PC game Released recently on GOG, Westwood’s Blade Runner PC game is a cult classic. It brilliantly captures the mood of Ridley Scott’s movie, and even lets you get your hands on its tech, including the Voight-Kampff machine. It’s a moody, mysterious detective […]

You need to play The Cat Lady You need to play is a video series where we highlight games new and old that every PC gamer should check out.  Classic adventure games are heavily associated with comedy, but Harvester Games’ The Cat Lady is pure horror and introspection. You play […]

Get Frogwares’ Sherlock Holmes series cheap on Steam Baker Street’s most famous resident is offering to solve mysteries and crimes at a discounted rate today. Almost all of Frogware’s Sherlock Holmes collection is on sale on Steam, keeping you up to your deerstalker in puzzles and murder for the foreseeable […]

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